Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Typical twenty something conundrum

I woke up to a text this morning asking for my address.  Most of us twenty somethings are used to these texts.  I'd say half of us don't have permanent addresses because we don't own homes yet, so even if the person asking knew our address for Christmas cards, it is possible it has changed since then.  This text also means only one thing now that the holiday season is over: we should find a "Save the Date" in our mail box within the next month.

This text never irks me, it always excites me.  As you know if you've read my posts before, I love weddings.  I love everything about them especially the cake, the dancing, and the booze.  I have met many fabulous people at the weddings I've been to in the past couple years and I honestly think it's a huge honor when someone invites me to share that day with them.

I know what you're thinking... If she loves weddings so much why is she writing about this inane text question?

Answer:  The sender of the text is my ex-boyfriend's college roommate, who I absolutely adore.  I have kept in contact with him post-college, and I honestly believe he likes me way better than said ex-boyfriend.  I wasn't expected to be invited, but as I said, what an honor!

I didn't tell you the rest of the text.  It also said, "We are inviting (insert favorite expletive here... my favorite begins with an "F" and I like to put it as an adjective to face...) too.  We don't know if he is coming, but we totally understand if you don't want to come because he is going to be there."

Well shit.  This poses a major conundrum.  If I don't go does that send the message that I wasn't comfortable running into FF?  Could I plan a vacation that weekend, therefore not be able to go?  Should I even assume that FF would even attend, given that he is so selfish?  Do I kick my diet into high gear and look like a million bucks and show up with a really hot date?

What is it about this one person who has been removed from my life for almost five years now that at the mention of his god forsaken name, I can't focus on a single thing at work today?  Do we all have such a person, who at the mention of their name we are sent into a mental tailspin?  Please tell me I'm not alone.  And what am I going to do about this invitation?  Oh my.


  1. Yes, I think we all have that person. It took me way longer than I care to admit to get over my first love, even though I could think of a million logical reasons why he was not the right person for me, why I did not want him, why he did not deserve me, etc., etc. I say go to the wedding, if for no other reason than the groom cares enough to invite you. Also, I think seeing f-face in the flesh will help you squash his power over you. Your imagination makes him way more intriguing than he probably is in real life. And if all else fails, years ago I found it helpful to fixate on some flaw that my ex had. Example: He got a tattoo on his chest that I found repulsive, so I would remind myself of that tattoo and how it made him damaged goods.

  2. Thank you so much for your input! You're right, there is definitely plenty to fixate on. I think I should go too.... and must look fabulous just in case the selfish asshole decides to show up. :)