Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolve... Resolution... Resolute.

I know I'm almost a week behind on any reflection of 2013 and goals for 2014, but my best friend got married on New Year's Eve and I've needed some recovery time.  The wedding was perfect from start to finish and the bride deserved every ounce of love and adoration that was emanating her way from her 200+ guests.  Every single minute detail was thought of and like a fairy tale.  

A New Year's Eve wedding was the ideal way to ring in 2014.  Bride and groom were surrounded by those who loved them and everyone had a rockin' time.  

We all stayed in a hotel downtown and I woke up extremely early on New Year's Day against my will.  One thing I hate about my adult-self is that I can't sleep until two p.m. like I did in college.  I would leave my door unlocked so my roommates could check if I was breathing.  I've unfortunately "lost" this skill.

I decided that because there was a big group of us who would be hungry/hungover upon awaking, I would take advantage of my early rising and put our name in at a brunch restaurant downtown, First Watch.  So I set out with my Happy New Year hat on, turned right out of the hotel (because it felt right), stepped over some vomit, and was embracing the sun and fresh air of 2014.  

My plan to be a team player and grab a table backfired in a way because First Watch was a ghost town.  I text my friends and asked them when they could get there, afraid that I would down two pots of coffee before they'd arrive, but while I was waiting I made some awesome friends. (Wearing my Happy New Year's hat made strangers either smile, laugh, and wish me well, or ask me for money.)

The whole point of this little anecdote is that Cynthia, our waitress, told me that 2014 was my year, we even cheers-ed on it.  And I believe her.  I will definitely share 2014 with anyone else who wants it to be their year, too (the youngest child in me is an excellent sharer).

I decided my New Year's Resolution this year would be to go on dates.  To not avoid them or cancel them.  This is going to be a struggle.  Date is a four letter word and I've become skilled at dominating conversations so that they don't end in a date and finding excuses when I do accidentally agree to go on one.  But I'm determined to get over this fear.  And now it's in writing... so I have to do it.  Shit. 

Cheers to all the wonderfulness that will head our way in 2014!!


  1. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!! <3 I love this post and, like I even need to say it, I love you so much! Seeing you with your Happy New Year tiara on at 11AM the next day was the best thing I saw all day (okay maybe seeing my husband was pretty great, too).