Friday, December 27, 2013

Forever a Princess

This weekend ABC Family is showing only princess movies.  I only know this because my dad informed me.  He was extremely excited to tell me and I think he secretly wants me to come home and watch some of the marathon with him, which I might.  He found out about this magical event while he was watching Prancer, which he admittedly cries every time he watches it. 

My dad only has daughters, so this isn't surprising behavior, I know.  But he isn't a feminine dad... he's a guys' guy.  His entire Saturdays and Sundays are almost completely devoted to football, and this year many Fridays were too.  He wrestled and played football in high school, and I have been told by ex-boyfriends that he's a pretty awesome golfer (he even watches those boring tournaments on tv).  He can fix anything, create anything, lift anything AND he can tell you the plot of Bring it On: All or Nothing and all of the Cutting Edge movies.  

Many people tell my sister and I that we are never going to be able to find a man because of our dad.  They think that because he is so great, we are functioning with a handicap in the dating world.  I think that this is a horrible perspective on the situation.  We are lucky that we are able to have high standards and that we know through example that such a person can exist.  

My dad gave us each a charm for our Pandora bracelets for Christmas.  It says, "Forever a Princess".  It is one of my favorite gifts I received and a reminder that no matter what, I am a princess, even if some days he's the only one who knows it.  It's also a nice little reminder that Prince Charming is worth waiting for and my sister and I aren't too picky, but instead both deserve someone as wonderful as our dad.  

Anyone who tells someone that they're too picky is just stupid.  Forever a princess... mwah!


  1. Best post ever...and i couldn't agree more! Dad's and daughters...nooone thinks you are as perfect as they do ...ever! Mom's are well aware of your flaws but love you dearly just the same. Forever a princess--no doubt about t!

  2. So sweet! There is no other bond like a Dad and his girls, no matter how old we get :)