About Me

In short, I am a lover of shoes, coffee, all things Italian, FAMILY, FRIENDS, good food, red wine, whiskey, dark chocolate, and any form of travel.  Like runners get a high from their daily jaunts around town, I get a similar high from airports, hotels, road trips, and unfamiliar places and faces.  

The rest of the story...

Growing up, I always had a plan for my future.  I call it a timeline because my plan went like this: a job within a month of graduating college,  married by 25, (travel and enjoy married life), first kid by 28, then have three more children, live happily ever after.  Looking at the timeline now is embarrassing.  How could my timeline be so short?  Why were the only important life events to me relating to only one realm of my future?  My timeline included no mention of career, friendships, hobbies.  

I am still a pretty intense planner to this day.  One thing I try not to plan anymore though, is anything I have no control over.  It was incredibly hard for me to throw out my timeline.  I graduated college, had a job in my field less than a month after graduation, and was on schedule to be married by 25.  Then a sequence of events unraveled my plan and I’ve started to miss items on my timeline.  I had to throw it out, because not meeting the events did not make me a failure.

This blog chronicles life after the timeline landed in the garbage and will also explain how the timeline unraveled in retrospect.  I came to realize, the hard way of course, that we don’t need a timeline, and shouldn't hold ourselves to one.  It’s just not healthy.

I also never thought of myself of much of a writer (well since fifth grade when I published a few amazing short stories with beautiful illustrations) until I started my master’s program.  My master’s program has a focus on writing and in one of my classes, we were gifted with time to write.  I say gifted because most adults outside of the blog world, don’t give themselves that time.  We also were given opportunities to share with each other and I suddenly had an audience.  The audience ended up hanging on my every word.  I also had a professor that believed I had a shot at this writing thing.  I said, “No, I want to be a professor.”  He said, “You  need to start making time to write.”  So here goes nothing!

Thanks for being my new audience!


  1. I stumbled upon another blog while researching Cincinnati wedding planning and, from there, found my way to yours. Commenting/Announcing myself makes me feel a little less creepy. I always say and will continue to say that no one prepares us for life in our 20s and just how difficult and uncertain it can be. I wholeheartedly relate to the timeline syndrome and how making one is a recipe for disaster because no one's life turns out precisely as planned (nor would it be much fun if it did!). Here's an article you might like: http://www.levo.com/articles/career-advice/christine-hassler-20-something-20-everything

  2. I love that article! Thank you so much for sharing with me. It definitely is a recipe for disaster to try to stick to unrealistic expectations.