Thursday, June 19, 2014

Best Friends: a TIER

Not ONE person but a TIER

I recently skimmed an article that was titled “The Five Friends Everyone Should Have”. 

 It included: the life coach, the comic relief, the risk taker, the challenge, and the loyalist... blah blah blah. While these are important people in a girl's life, those labels seemed boring to me, and applicable in some way to all friends depending on the situation. Basically, I found these labels generic. My friends are not generic, they are unique individuals and "my life would suck without" them (to quote some stupid song we've all heard on the radio too many times).

I decided I needed to make my own list, to reflect my friends who aren't boring and generic.
What we really need is (in no particular order):

1. The friend who will drink too much with you. Shot for shot. Will never tell you to slow down, but instead buy the next round - or find someone to buy the next round for you both.

2. The friend who will stalk your exes, your future prospects, your exes future wife, etc. Will find only negative resume items and only the most unflattering pictures.
3. The friend who will sit on the couch and cry about an episode of Glee knowing that’s not why you’re really crying but not saying it. She also won't force you to talk about what you're really sad about.

4. The friend who will hide a dead body for you. Not really (hopefully), but you get the point.

5. The friend who can engage in multiple conversations at once with you and follow every single one of them. She also can read your mind and finish your sentences - even when you only give her one word to go from.

6. The friend who "gets" you and your history and your family and your crazy irrational thoughts and can say anything about any of this without you getting pissed and vice-versa.


  1. And you know you've found a BFF when they've got at least three of those traits! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog