Sunday, November 24, 2013

How it feels to be away

Freedom, being away... what does that really mean?  

To me this is when my mind is not blank, but at ease.  
I am thoughtful. I am in the moment. I am reflective.  
This often happens when I am in a plane, train, automobile, or charter bus. 

Something about travelling causes me to reflect on life.  
Therefore I am literally away, and I feel free.  

I have vivid memories of riding on a charter bus through Europe my Junior year of college analyzing every important part of in my life.  The same thing happened after my senior year of high school riding a bus through Spain. The important aspects of life change little, even as many years pass.  

Sometimes it’s on a plane or even in the car on the commute to work... but something about being in motion makes me feel free and being smack dab in the middle of a journey makes me reflective. Possibly, probably, because when you're on a journey you get the gift to live in the moment.  

There's no work, no organizing, no cleaning that is nagging to be done. There's no friend, co-worker, or family member feeling deserving of your valuable time. 

Instead, when you're away, on a journey, you can just be. Be free.


  1. love your photos! P>S I nominated you for the Leibster award

  2. I kiiiind of love you so much! And I'm so behind on my blogs! MWAH <3