Monday, September 16, 2013

S & S Birthday Loot


A                     B                    C

Everything about my birth-week was absolutely fabulous.  I felt completely adored, I was able to see most of the people who make my life worth living, and I was spoiled with clothes, accessories, and alcohol (I finally met Mr. Fireball).  

I had to share what this shoe lover gets for birthday gifts with my fellow fashionistas.  

Exhibit A:  Is there anything cuter to hold my iphone while it is sitting on my desk at work?  I believe my roomie got Exhibit A from Francesca's.  She doesn't recommend I keep it on my desk at work because she fears it lacks a sense of professionalism.  But it will make me happy, and that is truly what matters in my office with no windows. 

Exhibit B:  Bridesmaid shoes can be the worst part of being in a wedding, especially if the bride forces a specific shoe (even worse: remember those silk shoes that were dyed to match the dresses?).  Luckily, the brides in my life aren't bridezillas and don't force shoes on the bridesmaids.  After all, no one is looking at the bridesmaids much at all, most wedding guests are completely hypnotized by the bride, as they should be.  If by chance someone is spying on the bridesmaids (let's say a single groomsman?) they will not, unless they're gay, be looking at our shoes.  I digress... the point is, my cousin is getting married in less than a month.  She specified silver, and I found these gorgeous peep-toe slingbacks from Guess! (And then grandma purchased them.)

Exhibit C:  Can you say accent shoe for a night on the town?  My mom can!  She rocks my socks.  (They're coral if you can't tell... BCBG and I hope to get to wear them before fall takes over!)

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  1. hahaha - bringing truth to your stiletto brand ;) i love all your new kicks!!! xoxo