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Limerick, Ireland inspired Limerick
My favorite way to spend time and money is on travel.  I never turn down a trip, whether it be road, air, or boat.  I like to keep in touch with family and friends, but don't always have cell service and I hate to talk on the phone, so I typically send group emails.  These emails chronicle my trips pretty well for the most part!

I spent five nights in Cabo San Lucas at the Pueblo Rosita Resort and spa this summer. (

Good morning!

There's wifi in the gym at the hotel, so this will work well for me- I can keep my morning routine of playing on my phone while on the elliptical. This morning I woke up hungry though and had to eat before my work out. Bad/good news: there is banana bread french toast on the breakfast buffet.  Heaven in my mouth.  The combination of my two favorite breakfast foods is to die for. 

This good thing about this hotel is that the Mexicans clean literally every square inch, but it's no Westin or Hilton (insert, "spoiled comment" here).  The hotel is understaffed for an all-inclusive though.  It takes the poor waiters forever to bring the food and drinks to the beach, and therefore can't go above and beyond like the Fiesta Americana Condesa wait staff in Cancun last summer. 

I bought a two books on my kindle. One of them is a memoir by an author who actually started with a blog. It is called Let's Pretend this Never Happened.  I'm feeling super inspired to write lately.  I also bought a book about willpower. I bought it because I always claim I don't have any. I figure it will help me with eating, not drinking shots, and getting this blog out there. I also thought I may be able to pass some tricks.

City tour today! Fully equipped with a glass bottom boat and a glass blowing factory (been there, done that) I know... president of the spoiled bitch club.



Yesterday we went on a three hour tour times 2.5 = Longest day ever. There were a few highlights though, of course. Part of the tour was on bus/van and then there was another part on boat.

While we were at the glass blowing factory, I wasn't really watching the presentation because we had seen the presentation in Murano.  I don't know if my inattentiveness made me a target, but they pulled me up in front of the group and made me blow the glass.  It was mortifying.  My cheeks looked like a blowfish and the little English the presenters knew included lewd jokes about my blowing talents. 

 When we were getting out of the van to go to the marina, I ran into Ashley and Nick! Yes, Ashley and nick who got married last Saturday. I crashed their honeymoon!  How weird is that?!

We took a boat from the Sea of Cortez over to the Pacific Ocean. No one can swim on the Pacific Coast because it's too rough. The waves were huge.  The boat driver thought it would be funny to hit the waves head on and a mini tsunami came over the boat and soaked my yellow purse we got when we were in Florence.  I knew there was nothing I could do about it, so I just prayed it would dry normally and it did.  Thank god.  Or else I would be using that catastrophe as an excuse to plan a trip to Italy next summer. 

Then they drove us around in a van for far too long under the guise that we were going to a tequila tasting. Instead we pulled up at a fucking cactus farm. I had to go to the bathroom and was getting hangry. The bathrooms were locked and all the women on the tour were pissed. Luckily, there were mango trees and several mangoes that had fallen off the tree and were lying on the ground waiting to be eaten. Katie and I made the most of the situation, knowing that if we couldn't use the lavatory we needed to do something about our hunger, so we picked mangos up from the ground and started eating them like refugees. Not my best moment- but they were absolutely delicious. And it took care of the hangryness.

The tequila tasting wasn't impressive, but they had bathrooms and chips and salsa. When we got back to the hotel, I waved at a fellow guest who replied to my wave with, "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

Unclench.  It was a woman in her mid sixties who I spend the morning at the beach with. It was hilarious. I'm still laughing.

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