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First of all, please do not compare anything you see on this page to any cooking or food blogs.  I am just a girl who loves to eat, loves to bake, loves to cook.  When I come across something that is absolutely delicious, I am going to share, whether it be a restaurant, a food truck, an Amy's Organic frozen meal, or something that comes out of a kitchen in which a kind soul has allowed me to cook.  I'm also going to try to give a visual of whatever I'm eating, cooking, drinking, but please don't be offended that these aren't professional photos!

 I hate when the weather changes and it starts to get chilly.  I hate almost everything associated with Halloween, and I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but I adore almost anything flavored with pumpkin or apple.  I guess pumpkin and apple are the silver lining of the fall clouds in my life.  
I saw a recipe on Pinterest (of course) for a pumpkin angel food cake with a cream filling, and I modified it a bit.  What I got was a light dessert that still tasted like pumpkin pie, without the heavy calories.  I also was receiving texts the next day about how delicious the dessert was from my fellow sweets lovers.
Ingredients for cake: 
1 box of angel food cake mix
1 tbsp. flour (I'm not sure why this is necessary, but I did it anyway.) 
1.5 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3/4 c canned pumpkin
1 c water
Mix all ingredients with a mixer for a few minutes and follow directions on the angel food cake box.  Easy.
Ingredients for whipped topping
1 tub cool whip free (I used the generic brand.)
a couple spoonfuls of canned pumpkin
1 tbsp. powdered sugar
pumpkin pie spice (to taste)
Mix all ingredients.  Add more powdered sugar if it's not sweet enough. 
Top angel food cake with whipped topping.  Enjoy!!! 
(The whipped topping is also delicious in a hot cup of coffee... kind of reminiscent of the ever so popular pumpkin spice latte.)

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